Terms and Conditions


1. All payments will be received by Next Level Invest Pte Ltd.
2. DEPOSIT is non-refundable.
3. Full payment is inclusive of the deposit.
4. Cross cheques should be made payable to "Next Level Invest Pte Ltd"
5. There will be no refunds for any subscription based program/courses.
          5.1. You may write to your respective program’s administrative email to cancel your subscription. Please note that the email response time is 3 business days.
          5.2. Cancellation of subscription will take effect the following month. (applicable for monthly subscription only*)
6. Ticketed special one-off events are not eligible for refunds.


1. No-notice or no-show will be deemed as withdrawn and refunds will not be allowed.
2. Postponement notice must be given by raising an email 7 days prior to commencement date.
3. If a request for refund of a deposit is made after 5 Working Days Cooling Period, any refund shall be subjected to a 50 SGD flat administrative fee, less the cost of any bonuses and shipping fee for items that has been ordered and/or shipped to you.
4. There is STRICTLY no refund once the program, offline and/or online has commenced.
5. You are allowed to transfer to another intake only once, 6 months from the date of purchase. You may not be able to transfer after 6 months or will be subjected to a 50 SGD flat administrative fee for a transfer.
          5.1. You are not allowed to transfer or postpone tickets bought for special one-off events.


Organizer reserves the right to change the date of the training and participants will be informed

Next Level Invest Pte Ltd reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.

Live Event

During live events, we will be conducting videography and photography for promotional purposes. By attending our live events, you grant "Next Level Invest Pte Ltd" the irrevocable right and permission to use photographs and video recordings of you on our website, advertisements or for other similar purposes without any payment or any other consideration.

Contact Details:

Next Level Invest Pte Ltd
Office: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #18-13 Singapore 079903


1. 所有付款将被 Next Level Invest Pte Ltd. 收取。
2. 定金是不可以退还的。
3. 全款包括定金在内。
4. 划线支票应支付给 “Next Level Invest Pte Ltd” 。
5. 任何基于订阅的课程都不能退款。
    5.1 您可以写信至您报名课程的管理电子邮件以取消您的订阅。请注意,电子邮件回复时间为 3 个工作日。
    5.2 您的取消订阅将在下个月生效。 (仅适用于每月订阅*)

1. 未通知或未到场者将被视为撤回,恕不接受退款。
2. 延期通知必须在开幕日期前7天通过电子邮件发出声明。
3. 如果在5天工作日的冷却期之后要求退还押金,任何退款都需要支付50新币的行政费用; 另外,任何已订购和/或已发送给您的物品运费或成本等将从退款中扣除。
4. 一旦活动开始了,线下和/或线上将不提供退款服务。
5. 从购买日期起6个月之内,只允许你转让一次。6个月后你无法再做转让,必须需要支付50新币的手续费。
    5.1 您不能转让或延期为特殊一次性活动报名的名额。
6. 已售票的活动不符合退款条件。

Next Level Invest Pte Ltd 保留在不事先通知的情况下做出改变的权利。

Next Level Invest Pte Ltd
公司地址: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #18-13 Singapore 079903

10 Anson Road
#18-13 International Plaza
Singapore 079903

Business Reg No: UEN 201900233R

The terms and conditions set out overleaf apply. In particular, by providing your personal data to us, you agree to (1)
the terms of our Privacy Policy as including our taking of photographs or videos at our events, which may be used for
updates on our Website, on our Facebook page or sent to our subscribers); and (2) unless indicated below, you agree
to being notified via letter, email, SMS or telephone calls of any events/ programs that Next Level Invest Pte Ltd
(“Organiser”) or its related/associated companies may organise (“Information on Future Events”):

在本页背面的条款和条件, 特别是通过向我们提供你的个人数据,你将同意 (1) 我们隐私政策的条款包括我们在活动中拍摄照片或视频,这些照片或视频可用于更新我们的网站、Facebook 页面或 发送给我们的订阅者);(2) 除非下文另有说明否则你同意通过信函、电子邮件、短信或电话通知 Next Level Invest Pte Ltd(“组织者”)或其相关/关联公司可能组织的任何活动/计划(“关于未来的信息 事件”)。